When you have passed your theory test and attained a sufficient standard in your driving lessons,

you are ready to take your driving test.





Your eye sight will be checked at a distance of 20.5m or 67ft

The driving test comprises of two parts. The Show and Tell questions and the Driving Test .

Show and Tell questions consist of two questions, the first is conducted before the driving and is a "Tell me question.

The second question is conducted during the test and is a "Show me" question.


The test lasts between approx 40mins-50mins and you will be required to drive to a standard that is required for life on our busy roads. You will be asked to complete one of the manoeuvres you have been taught in your driving lessons, You will also be asked to drive independently for about 20 minutes, with 10 mins using a Sat Nav, you may also be asked to do an emergency stop.


After the test finishes you will be debriefed and when you pass you will recieve a pass certificate, as shown below by a few of my pupils.

 The examiner will shred your old license and scan your pass details and send them electronically to the DVLA. The DVLA will post your new license to you, usually within 3 weeks of passing your test.


You can now take part in the Pass Plus lessons scheme which will help you develop your driving skills.


Below is a link to book your driving test.





When you meet me for the first time for your first lesson,you will be asked to produce your provisional driving licence.


An individual must pass a DSA theory test and then a practical driving test before going solo.