Why not further your driving experience by taking part in the pass plus scheme.


Pass Plus lessons are a voluntary six-module training syllabus designed by the DSA to develop the skills of newly qualified drivers.

The benefits of pass plus lessons enable a new driver to broaden their driving skills.


Newly qualified and young drivers are much more vulnerable than they realise.

New drivers are more likely to have an accident in their first two years than at any other time in their driving life time.

Statistics show that two young drivers under the age of 25 die every day from accidents in the UK.

One driver in five is involved in an accident in their first year of driving.

Most drivers become safer with the more miles they do,but while many life skills are learnt by trial and error,

The consequences of error on the road may be fatal.

Pass Plus aims to give the new driver a bit more experience with dealing with situations a young driver will not have experienced before.

Avenue Driving Tuition is committed to this program and offers Pass Plus lessons to their pupils.



Module 1(part 1): Introduction to the sceme.

Module 1(part 2): Town Driving.

Module 2:All weather driving.

Module 3: Out of town driving and rural roads.

Module 4: Night Driving

Module 5: Dual Carriageways.

Module 6: Motorways.

Once your Pass Plus lessons are completed to the satisfaction of the instructor a form with be filled out and sent off to the Pass Plus department.

A certificate will then be sent to you which can be presented to a participating insurance company.

For further information on pass plus click on link below.

Pass Plus






When you meet me for the first time for your first lesson,you will be asked to produce your provisional driving licence.


An individual must pass a DSA theory test and then a practical driving test before going solo.